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Unique to this breed is that Poodles have a very human way of thinking. Ask any Poodle owner! Poodles have an innate intelligence that gives them a learning ability that is considered exceptional, they rate at the top of any breed testing.

We spell words around our Poodles!

Breed-wise they are fastest at discovering the connection between the spoken word and it's meaning. It could be said that Poodles have a large vocabulary. The Miniature Poodle is the middle size of the tree varieties: they travel well, they make a sturdy pet for children and they are ideal for obedience and agility.

Poodle is the first word that usually comes to mind for most people who are looking into becoming a Poodle person (owner). Although, the Poodle is the national dog of France the poodles that are bred here are not referred to as "French Poodles". More then likely you will hear Poodles referred to by their size. And Poodle Size is probably the biggest decision to make; second will be color and third sex.

variety is the oldest of the three varieties. All Poodles are of the same breed, the words Toy, Miniature and Standard are used to denote only the size or "variety".

•The Standard Poodle is over 15 inches at the highest point of the shoulders. The Miniature Poodle is 15 inches or under at the highest point of the shoulders, with a minimum height in excess of 10 inches. The Toy Poodle is 10 inches or under at the highest point of the shoulders. See AKC Meet the Breed for more information.

•All three varieties are help to the same standard of physical traits. The Poodle is an elegant dog, squarely built and in proportion as to height to length. He should cary himself proudly, moving soundly in his gait. The Poodle is active and very intelligent; originally used as a working water retriever. Their versatility allows them to be a working dog, an obedient companion, an agility contestant, and an elegant example of a conformation show dog. Versatility in Poodles

•Poodles come in various colors: Black, white, cream, silver and apricot. Their coats can be trimmed into many styles, depending on what

The Poodle originated in Germany (Pudel or Canis Familiaris Aquatius), the English word "poodle" comes from the German pudel or pudelin, meaning to splash in the water. The Poodle has bee regarded as France’s “national dog”. Used as a water retriever from early on it is argued the the Standard Poodle is the oldest of the three varieties. The Poodle is a strong swimmer and used extensively as a water retriever. (AKC:2008)

Historically the smaller Poodle was used as a truffle hunter and very seldom went near the water, but today Miniature Poodles can do field work along with the larger Poodle. In our family, Gina, was a good retriever and was in the field just previous to delivering a litter of six pups. She lived to be in the field with a bird in her mouth!

Here at Bar King Poodles we raise Miniature Poodles in three different colors: black, brown, white (cream). We are actively involved in showing at AKC all breed and Poodle Specialty Shows. We concentrate on breeding the correct physical traits of the Poodle as well as maintaining superb temperaments.

It's mine, one white and one black mini poodle pup

White Miniature Poodle Pup with clown necklace

Miniature Poodle Pup with slipper

Early on there were no size distinctions in the breed. Those original poodles were larger than the 15 inches Miniature Poodle of today. So, to be exact the Standard Poodle

is easiest up-keep for the duties they are to perform. Miniature Poodles are the all around performance dog, they have an excellent sense of humor and they are very attuned to their family members.

We encourage our clients to show if not in conformation then in obedience or agility. For our companion dogs we encourage participation in "Good Citizen" training.