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"The purposes of The Poodle Club of America, Inc., are to create, foster and promote interest in Poodles by encouraging their breeding in accordance with the Standard of the ideal Poodle. To this end, to endeavor to make the Standard of the ideal Poodle better known so the best interests of the breed may be advanced. Also, to encourage the exhibition of Poodles at all-breed and Specialty Shows and at Obedience Trials..."
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The Poodle Club of Central California, affiliate club of the Poodle Club of America, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the Poodle breed in accordance to the standard set by the American Kennel Club. We encourage and promote the breeding of pure-bred Poodles to enhances and further the development of the breed.

Members are dedicated to the goals of promoting the public's knowledge of the Poodle bred. Members are encouraged to participate in dog shows and/or obedience trials held under American Kennel Club rules. Members must protect and advance the best interests to the Poodle breed at all times and under any circumstance.


"The goal of this project is to illuminate the tasks which the Poodle (and his cousins) were "bred to do". Any breed's job description defines good temperament, which is always breed-specific. Since form follows function, good breed-specific conformation makes the designated tasks easier to perform. For a development of this thesis, see: Dorothy Macdonald, Poodles: past, present & future, Poodle Club of America Foundation Seminar, 1997, videotape available for purchase from..."


"This site is developed and maintained for YOU. Please browse this site to learn about Poodles, breeding, Poodle rescue, purchasing a dog, educating your dog and yourself about all things Poodle and the latest information about the health and genetic diseases of Poodles.
We strive to meet your needs. We support health research, provide educational material and support rescue organizations and needs. We have a bimonthly newsletter and an active membership. To learn more click on the links at the left of this page..."


"The nonprofit PHR is a permanent international open registry for all diseases affecting Poodles, living and dead, of all varieties everywhere in the world. Whether you are a puppy buyer looking for a new Poodle to join your family or a breeder searching for a good match, the PHR will help you make an informed decision..."


"Maintains a registry of dogs that ACVO Diplomats examine and have found to be unaffected by major heritable eye disease. Maintains a research database which consists of information that is generated by all examinations done by ACVO Diplomats..."


"Welcome to the open database for Poodle pedigrees. This database consists entirely of information provided by end users. The providers of this site hereby disclaim any liability for the accuracy or meaning of any such information provided in the site. Users hereby agree to use or rely on such information solely at their own risk. For a History of this project click on HISTORY..."


"OPTIGEN is a service company established to provide DNA based diagnoses and information about inherited diseases of dogs. We promise the highest quality diagnostic and testing services available in the fields of veterinary medical genetics and molecular diagnostics. Our testing procedures are developed by research scientists and veterinarians associated with OPTIGEN, and are extensively field-tested in cooperation with breeders of dogs..."


"Founded and originally incorporated as a private not for profit foundation in 1966, this year the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) celebrates its 40th anniversary. Credit for the formation of the OFA is generally attributed to John M. Olin, well known inventor, industrialist, philanthropist, conservationist, and sportsman. John Olin was an avid sportsman, hunter, and field trial participant. When hip dysplasia began to impact the performance of Olin’s dogs, he organized an initial meeting with representatives of the veterinary community, the Golden Retriever Club of America, and the German Shepherd Dog Club of America to discuss means of limiting the disease. This ultimately led to the formation and incorporation of the OFA in 1966. Its initial mission: To provide radiographic evaluation, data management, and genetic counseling for canine hip dysplasia..."